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East Wessex MCC - Committee Meeting Minutes




Minutes of the meeting held 17 April 2022 at Burnham Copse Primary School, Tadley



Larry Spiers (Chairman), Roger Milton, Diane Milton, Sandra Lewis, Janet Macey, Jim Harris.


Julia & Tony Wickham

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the meeting held 11 December 2021 were agreed and signed.


Matters arising

Minute 4 – Janet was now a Facebook administrator and able to approve applications for membership.

Minute 5 – The bank mandates had finally been updated; the complaint to the bank was still not resolved.

Minute 6 – There would be an all-in fixed price for special rallies rather than a nightly charge.

Minute 9 – The hand bell had been found; Roger to investigate fire extinguishers.  

Future Entertainment

Outside entertainment would be sought for the AGM in October, and the Christmas and New Year rallies.

Ideas being considered were: AGM – a French themed evening with a French singer and cheese / baguettes; Diane to contact Muriele; Christmas at Easebourne – a barn dance with sausage and beans; Janet to see if caller available; New Year Larry to see if Double Image available.

Larry to ask Pete if he could do a disco for Halloween at Fort Widley.



Rally pricing

Prices for rallies up to the end of July were discussed and agreed, with the exception of Bamptons Farm, which Diane would look into. On occasions the Caravan and Camping Club were at the same venue at or near the same time which added extra pressure to keep prices low unless we were offering something different.

Diane to pass to Steve to go on the website.


Rally booking

The committee discussed whether to continue asking people to phone to say they were coming to a rally. It was agreed that most summer field rallies could accommodate a large number of vans and food would not be provided. In these cases there would be no need to book. However Hayling Island could not take more than 35 vans so would have to be bookable. There would be a nightly charge not a fixed charge for that one.

Where there was restricted space available, a rally would be bookable. The AGM would now be held at Weeke Primary School, Winchester and this would have to be bookable. Non camping members attending the AGM might have to park off site.


Members' open forum

To be held at Tadley this weekend and again at Royal Victoria Country Park to canvass views on fixed charges, carrying pods, hosting



Roger to check what the group's supplementary document required with regard to fire extinguishers and to check the  expiry dates of the current small extinguishers





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